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Kendra the Vampire Slayer

Kendra was summoned to take up her place as Slayer when Buffy was drowned by The Master. Little did the Watchers Council know, but Buffy had been brought back to life by means of CPR by Angel and Xander. The two Slayers worked together until, in the end,

Later, when Angel and Dru tried to free Acathla, Kendra came back to Sunnydale bringing with her the sword which Buffy used to stop Acathla. Sadly Kendra died in a battle against Drusilla. Kendra left her lucky stake, Mr Pointy, to Buffy when she died.

"I study because it is required. The Slayer handbook insists on it."

"This is my lucky stake. I have killed many vampires with it. I call it Mr Pointy."

Kendra was played by Biancha Lawson

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