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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Anne Summers
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 This LA pom-pom shaker, Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen was born in 1981 to Hank and Joyce Summers. Growing up, the young Slayer-to-be was said to be as close as blood sisters with Celia, her cousin. Unfortunately, Celia died and Buffy decided to pledge her allegiance to her childhood hero, bladestress Dorothy Hamil. In 1996, the Buffster was introduced to Merrick, a peculiar man who informed her that she was the latest entry into a legacy of chosen individuals-Vampire Slayers. He was a Watcher, a keeper if you will, of the chosen Slayer. Who could ever have imagined a high maintenance mall rat could move on to eventually save the world on several occasions? Well, no one at her City of Angels high school could, because she torched the gym in her first major victory against the bloodsuckers. Thank goodness that our heroine somehow managed to avoid juvy or any kind of lengthy court case.
Unfortunately for Buff, her parents decided to divorce after the horrible chain of events. An entirely new chapter in the Slayer's life opened when her mom decided to make a move to beautiful Sunnydale, CA. To her surprise, her slaying days had just begun in 1997 when she found out, from her new Watcher Giles, that Sunnydale was actually located on top of Hellmouth, a portal to an evil dimension. Who would have thought that your duties of being a Chosen One wouldn't just go away when you moved? Don't parking tickets just go away?

Buffy has had quite a traumatic five years. As if it's not bad enough being a high school kid and now a college kid, she has been killed before by a vampire named The Master, she has lost the love of her life, Angel, found out that she had a sister that didn't exist before, lost her mother to a brain tumor, and then died yet again!

With the help of Giles, her friends Willow, Xander, Spike, Tara, Anya and her sister Dawn, Buffy hopes to continue to defeat vampires, demons and just about every atrocity that you can imagine. That is of course, if she can find a way not to be so... well... dead.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was borin in New York City on April 14th, 1977. She is 5'3" tall, has green eyes and dark brown hair which is dyed light brown and then blond to play Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sarah went to the LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts and the Professional Children's School when she was younger.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's favourite colour is red, food is pasta, movie is Heathers (can't see why. Its not such a great movie. Oh well, each to their own), favourite TV show is Seinfeld (oh dear!), favourite actor is Tom Cruise and Daniel Day Lewis (who?!) and actress is Stockard Channing. Her favourite season is Summer and vacation spot is Bermuda (lets hope she doesn't get lost in the triangle!). Her favourite book is Gone With The Wind. She has a Maltese Terrier called Thor. Her hobbies include ice skating (which we all discovered her tallents for in that episode when Kendra arrived and she and Angel were skating) and Scuba diving. She also enjoys shopping. Her sports include ice skating and football. Her favourite team is the New York Giants. She listens to Billy Joel (oh dear again!) and her favourite item of clothing is said to be a motorcycle jacket.

Starring in the title role of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Sarah plays a beautiful yet reluctant hero who fights off vampires at night coping with high school during the day. Fighting evil creatures requires a tallent in martial arts, which Sarah has been practising for many years, although she still has a stunt backup, who when dressed up looks just like her.

Sarah Michelle Gellar won an Emmy Award in 1994 for her role as Kendall Hart from the soapy "All My Children." She played a younger Jackie Kennedy in the mini-series "A Woman Named Jackie," and also stared in the "An Invasion of Privacy." She was also a regular on the talk show "Girl Talk" which as far as I know has never aired in Australia.

Sarah Michelle Gellar currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Buffy Anne Summers. Previously she has stared in:

"Beverly Hills Family Robinson as Jane Robinson in 1997
"All My Children" as Kendall Hart from 1993-1995
"Swans Crossing" as Sidney Orion Rutledge in 1991
"A Woman Named Jackie" as young Jackie in 1991
"Spenser: For Hire" as Emily in the episode called "The CompanyMan" in 1986
"An Invasion of Privacy" as Jennifer Bianchi in 1983
co-host of "Girl Talk", "William Tell/Crossbow" as Sara Guidotti
"The Magic Hour" also known as "Vanilla Fog" and "Simply Irresistable" as Amanda in 1999
"Crewel Intentions as Kathryn in 1998
"Scream II: Screm Again" as Casey "Cici" Cooper in 1997
"I Know What You Did Last Summer" as Helen Shivers in 1997
"High Stakes" as Karen Rose in 1989 and "Funny Farm" as Madolyn Smith's student in 1988.

"I've had it. Spike is going down. You can attack me, you can send assassins after me. That's fine. But nobody messes with my boyfriend."

 "I wish people wouldn't leave open graves lying around like this." -Some Assembly Required

"Now we can do this the hard way or... well actually, there's just the hard way." -Welcome to the Hellmouth

"I've had it. Spike's going down. You can attack me, you can send assassins after me. But nobody messes with my boyfriend!"

"Destructo-Girl, that's me!" -Teachers Pet

Joyce: "Are you going out tonight honey?"
Buffy: "Yeah Mom, I'm going to a club."
Joyce: "Will there be boys there?"
Buffy: "No Mom, it's a nun club." -Welcome to the Hellmouth"

Buffy (to Giles): "One of these days, you have to get a grown-up car." -Inca Mummy Girl

Ethan: "How did Ripper inspire such good-ness?"
Buffy: "because he's Giles." -The Dark Age

Buffy: "Homework."
Willow: "It's my way of saying, `Get well soon.' "
Buffy: "You know, chocolate says that even better."
Willow: "I did all of your assignments. All you have to do is sign your name."
Buffy (very surprised): "Chocolate means nothing to me." -Killed by Death

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Crewel Intentions"Cruel Intentions as Kathryn in 1998,

Left: Got Milk?                    Right: Sarah in 1991 at Columbia Grammar School and Prep in New York




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