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Robia La Morte as Jenny Calendar

Deceased Buffy Character
Jenny Calendar came to Sunnydale High School to be the new Computer Science teacher. Little did they all know the real reason was because she was sent by her family: the decendants of the gypsies who cursed Angel with his soul.

Jenny and Giles fell in love and their relationship grew, until it fell apart when after Angel lost his soul and became Angelus again, just as Jenny had finished recoverinh the spell to give Angel his soul back again, Angelus killed Jenny with a smile on his face.

When Robia La Morte was first cast as Jenny Calendar on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" it was meant to be a one-time guest-starring role as a sexy computer teacher/cyber pagan. However, she turned more heads than expected, prompting creator/executive producer Joss Whedon to keep her around Sunnydale, much to the pleasure of Buffy's mentor, librarian Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head). While the two try to keep their tryst discreet, none of the characters are fooled.

La Morte was interested in the arts from a young age and dedicated her life to making it in the competitive world of show biz. She studied at the Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts and the Dupree Dance Academy.

Before she could drive Robia was dancing professionally at sixteen and was cast in several music videos. A few Years later, she met a rock star who was then known as Prince and the two changed each other's lives. She inspired his famous "Diamond and Pearl" theme, was the lead dancer on Prince's European tour and posed for the "Diamond and Pearl" album cover. The two developed a strong bond and La Morte eventually ended up as Prince's spokesperson during his self-imposed public silence. After leaving the wide weird world of Prince at age 22, La Morte tried her hand at acting. She was cast on "Beverly Hills, 90210" as the New York native, Jill Fleming. Her work on the show led to guest starring roles on "The Sentinel", "Lawless" and supporting roles in the films " Earth Girls are Easy" and "Spawn." When asked what she thinks of her current role, La Morte is thrilled: "Jenny is such a great role. It's wonderful to play a character who is smart, sexy and funny. It's the kind of role I've dreamed of since I first started my career."

"Nothing's safe in this world Rupert. Don't you know that by now?"

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