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Eliza Dushku as Faith

Former Buffy / Angel guest star
Faith was called to be a Slayer when Kendra the Slayer died. Kendra was called when Buffy died, but only for a minute. Fait helped Buffy fight vampires but in the end she turned bad and helped the mayor fulfill his dreams of taking over Sunnydale. Things did not all go as planned. Not only did Buffy knife her in the stomach, the mayor in his demon form was killed when Giles blew up the school. Faith returned to Buffy and switched bodies with Buffy, but in the end Buffy was returned to her body and Faith escaped. She then fled to LA to seek help from Angel. She currently resides in a femal detention centre.

Eliza Dushku was born on December 30th. She is currently working on two new films scheduled to come out this year, and she also makes cameo's on Buffy and Angel.

She has been in the following movies...That Night, This Boy's Life, Fishing With George, True Lies, Bye Bye Love, Journey and Race the Sun.

Eliza got her start at the Watertown Childrens Theater, where she still performs whenever she can. A special talent of hers is signing for the hearing impaired or deaf.


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