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Emma Caulfield as Anya
Formally the vengeance demon-also known as the Patron Saint of Scorned Women-Anya (or Anyanka) has recently seen a lot of life changes in her 1124 years. She was first cursed by the demon D'Hoffryn for practicing vengeance spells on men. As the story goes, Anya first entered Sunnydale to grant a wish with her magic necklace to Cordelia. Rather than wish something bad to happen to Xander, Cordy wished that Buffy had never moved to Sunnydale and a horrible alternate reality was created. Luckily, Giles destroyed the powerful amulet and Anya was transformed into a regular kid at Sunnydale High. The evil D'Hoffryn refused to change her back and she was left not old enough to buy beer and not bright enough to pass math.

During college, Anya returned to seduce Xander so that she could get him out of her mind. However, she ended up falling for him and the two have been extremely sexually active ever since. Anya has been accepted as a primary member of the Slayerettes and it seems as if everyone is letting bygones be bygones.

Although Anya has gotten in touch with her human side, she stills shows her arrogance and demon-nature by butting into conversations and biting into Xander (literally). With Giles returning to England to cope with the death of Buffy, Anya officially becomes the top dog at the Magic Box.

Emma has worked on many other TV programs such as "Weird Science", "Silk Stalkings", and the soap opera "General Hospital".

She grew up San Diego. She started her acting career as a teenager. Her experience landed her guest starring roles on television shows.

Emma's breakthrough was being cast in the 1995-96 season of Beverly Hills 90210 as Brandon's love interest, Susan Keats. This exposure landed her the role of Anyanka, the patron saint of scorned women, on "Buffy". After losing her demonic powers, she has returned as the morally ambiguous Anya, who becomes Xander's plucky girlfriend.

While Emma loves working on "Buffy", she has a cynical attitude towards her career. "I don't know that I want to act 15 years from now. I mean, I love the process of acting, but not the masochism."

Emma already has a degree in Psychology so she won't have to worry about her career later on in life.

This is Anya as a rabbit for Halloween. As she did not know what to wear Xander told her something scary. She chose this 'scary' costume because she is scared of rabbits.

This is Anya in her demon form before she became mortal.

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