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Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

Sunnydale's high school love-struck computer dork, turned coed lesbian witch, Willow has had quite an interesting life. For someone who was such an introvert the first time she met Buffy and joined the Scooby Gang, Willow seems to be putting a spell on everyone lately. The daughter of Ira and Shelia Rosenberg, Willow has always been very detached from her parents. So detached, in fact, that her mother tried to set her on fire, paying homage to those brave souls in Salem, Massachusetts circa 1692.

Willow's skills go far beyond her strengths and weaknesses as a witch; she is also a mad computer hacker, a superb tutor and Buffy's best friend for the past 5 years.

Not necessarily dependent on Buffy, Willow is often hurt by how people perceive her. As a matter of fact, she tends to hide behind her need for companionship. She was always somewhat secretly attracted to Xander and she latched onto Buffy in sidekick capacity as soon as the Slayer moved to Sunnydale. Then, Willow fell madly in love with the werewolf Oz, who was considered by most to be the coolest kid at Sunnydale High because of his affiliation with a popular band named Dingoes Ate My Baby. Their relationship, like most of Willow's, ended up in misery when Oz could no longer control his primal instincts. Most recently, Willow has spent her time with lesbian lover and fellow witch, Tara.

During a crucial decision in her life when Oz returned for her, Willow decided that things had changed between her and the wolfman and pledged her love to Tara. Then reacently in Season 6 of Buffy, Tara broke up with Willow because she was using too much magic, In fact, she was addicted to magic. She is now recovering from her addiction.

Alyson Hannigan is an actress who has been performing since the age of four. She played a role in "Dead Man on Campus," starring Tom Everett Scott, and the new hit "American Pie."

She began her career in Atlanta doing commercials, for national spots for companies like McDonald's, Six Flags Amusement Parks and Oreo cookies. When she was 11, she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of breaking into film and television.

Her breakthrough role came when she was cast as Dan Aykroyd's daughter in the movie "My Stepmother Is an Alien," along with Seth Green! She went on to guest star on a number of popular television shows, including "Picket Fences," "Roseanne" and "Touched by an Angel." She was a recurring guest star on the series "Almost Home" and a series regular on "Free Sprit."

Alyson is a Dr. Seuss fan and likes to surf the web, practice kick-boxing and spend time with her dogs and cats. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

"I don't get wild. Wild on me = spaz!"

Willow: "About spiders. Did you talk to Giles about..."
Xander: "Oh. The spiders. Willow's been kinda... what's the word I'm looking for? Insane about what happened yesterday."
Willow: "I don't like spiders Ok? Their furry bodies, their sticky webs, what do they need all those legs for anyway? I'll tell you. For crawling across your face in the middle of the night. Ew!!!" -Nightmares

Angel: "I guess I could use some help. And you're the first person I thought of."
Willow: "Help? You mean like on homework? No, cause you're already old and you already know stuff."
Angel: "I want you to track someone down. On the Net.
Willow: "Oh great! I am so the Net girl!" -Lie To Me

Xander: "You gotta take care of that egg! It's a baby, gotta keep it safe and teach it Christian values."
Willow: "My egg is Jewish." -Bad Eggs

Buffy: "Homework."
Willow: "It's my way of saying, `Get well soon.' "
Buffy: "You know, chocolate says that even better."
Willow: "I did all of your assignments. All you have to do is sign your name."
Buffy (very surprised): "Chocolate means nothing to me." -Killed by Death

Old Willow with nice hair


New Willow




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