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K's Choice

K's Choice CDs in US$

Cocoon Crash
Everything for Free
Paradise in Me
The Great Subconscious Club

K's Choice is a Belgian band formed by sister and brother.

K's Choice is:

Sarah Bettens
lead vocals and guitar

Gert Bettens
guitar and backing vocals      

Jan van Sichem Jr.

Eric Grossman

Koen Lieckens
drums and percussion      

 Sarah Bettens
Date of birth:      September 23, 1972
Place of birth:     Kapellen (Belgium)
Education:     Photography (1 year)
Mus. influences:     The Indigo Girls, Shawn Colvin
Other instruments:     Guitar
Previous bands:     The Basement Plugs and a very short solo career as "Sara Beth"
Hobbies apart from music:     Photography, reading, football, jogging, tennis, golf, learning Spanish
Favourite CD:      1200 Curfews - The Indigo Girls
Favourite film:     Trust - Hal Hartley
Favourite book:     Franny & Zooey by J.D. Salinger
Favourite K's Choice song:     Song for Catherine

 Gert Bettens     
Date of birth:      March 19th 1970
Place of birth:     Merksem (Belgium)
Education:     History of Art (1 year), Animation films (1 year), Graphics (1/2 year)
Mus. influences:     The Beatles, The Police, The Smiths, Pearl Jam, Elliot Smith also classical music and Chet Baker
Other instruments:     A little bit of piano and recorder
Previous bands:     Bert & Gert (a duo with a friend)
The Basement Plugs
Hobbies apart from music:     Reading, watching movies, painting, drawing, listening to other bands, walking (especially to go for bread in the morning)
Favourite CD:      Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles, Interiors - Brad
Favourite film:     Dead man walking, American Beauty
Favourite book:     The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde, Angela's ashes
Favourite K's Choice song:     Live for real

 Jan van Sichem Jr.
Date of birth:      October 13, 1972
Place of birth:     Deurne (Belgium)
Education:     Tourism, School of music
Mus. influences:     70's and 80's hardrock, rock, pop and disco-music (my 8 year older broter was a DJ).
These days I have preference for softer and various music styles (anything with a "heart").
Other instruments:     Kazoo
Previous bands:     Occasional freelance gigs
Hobbies apart from music:     Bricklaying (I'm renovating my house), tennis, squash, beach-volleyball.
Favourite CD:      Jeff Buckley -Grace
Bonnie Raitt - Luck of the draw
Neil Finn - Try whistling this
Favourite film:     Festen
Frequently read magazines:     Humo, National Geographic
Last read book:     Adam Hochschild - De geest van Koning Leopold II en de plundering van Congo
Favourite K's Choice song:     Little Man, Shadowman, Hide, Busy

 Eric Grossman
Date of birth:      November 25, 1964
Place of birth:     New York
Education:     No specific musical education, self study and private lessons with Stanley Clarke, Bunny Brunel
Mus. influences:     Stanley Clarke, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, Will Lee, Verdine White, Pino Palladino, Chuck Rainey, Jaco Pastorious,...
Other instruments:     A little bit of guitar and drums (just for fun)
Previous bands:     Ianello, funk band from Los Angeles (last 6 years), L.A. Jazz Choir and countless others
Hobbies apart from music:     Hockey (on ice & inline skates), fitness
Favourite CD:      Schooldays - Stanley Clarke
Back in Black - AC/DC
Kind of Blue- Miles Davis
James Taylor's Greatest Hits
Favourite film:     The Godfather I & II
Favourite book:     The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
Favourite K's Choice song:     Favourite Adventure, If You're Not Scared, Butterflies Instead

 Koen Lieckens
drums and percussion      
Date of birth:      July 21, 1966
Place of birth:     Wilrijk (Belgium)
Education:     Communication sciences
Performing & teaching musician (Conservatory Rotterdam)
1 term Berklee College of Music(Boston)
2 months of private lessons with Billy Hart in New York
Mus. influences:     The Police, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Jothn Coltrane, Billy Hart and K's Choice
Other instruments:     Piano
Previous bands:     High Voltage Sextet, The Choice(!), Jo Lemaire, Geert Hautekiet
Hobbies apart from music:     Going to the movies
Favourite CD:      Ghost in the Machine - The Police
Favourite film:     The Matrix
Favourite book:     Of Love and Shadows - Isabel Allende
Favourite K's Choice song:     My Head