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Four Star Mary

Thrown To The Wolves
Four Star Mary consists of four guys- Falon, Tad, Zu and Steve. Funnily enough, none of them grew up anywhere near each other at all. Falon grew up in Montreal, Tad is from Texas, Zu grew up in the San Fernando Valley and Steve was raised near San Francisco.

Despite the odds, the members of FSM met, and when they did, the synergy of minds and music led to a group which is not only prolific, but (unlike most of its brethren) actually writes as a group.  According to Steve, "Four Star Mary is the most collaborative musical effort I've ever been in.  Everyone in FSM is a good songwriter in his own right.  And almost  more importantly, everyone listens to everyone else. The only aspect of our songs which doesn't represent a combined effort by all f us are the lyrics, which are Tad's private domain." The result of this collaboration has been a slow but steady growth of Four Star Mary's profile within the overwhelming ultitude of bands which comprise the L.A. scene.  And in addition to their live shows, recent use of Four Star Mary songs television shows such as Fox's "Party of Five," MTV's "The Real World" and the WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has started to raise the band's profile nationally.

Indeed, Four Star Mary has practically become the "house band" on Fox's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", providing music for the popular character Oz's fictitious band "Dingoes Ate My Baby" on several episodes, as well as providing source
music for key scenes for the last two seasons.  The result of this exposure has been a deluge of fan email requesting appearances across the nation, and soaring web-based sales of Four Star Mary's self-titled EP that show no signs
of abating.  From a business perspective, it is easy to imagine that, with decent distribution and a modest marketing effort, Four Star Mary could go platinum with a domestic release based solely on their Buffy fan-base!  

feeling i've been lost for years
you can never understand me
unless you've seen those tears
but you never get to sleep
when i'm away
i don't mind
the deeper that you lay
out of time

pain, i can't sleep

running, running from those days
there's another one inside me
guess i've gone insane
but you always run away
when i come around
i don't mind
the day i'll track you down
run you down

pain, i can't sleep

don't stop, don't talk
do not fuck with me

loaded, loaded up this gun
there's a killer in me
hoping, hope that you're the one
but you always run away
when i come around
i don't mind
the day i'll track you down

pain, i can't sleep