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The Sundays
Reading Writing & Arithmetic
Static And Silence

Australian Purchase:
Reading, Writing & Arithmatic
Static & Silence (Japanese version with extra track)
Static & Silence

The Sundays started their musical career in 1988. The Syndays are David Gaburin, Harriet Wheeler, Paul Brindley and Patrick Hannan.

The Sundays signed to the independent Rough Trade label and recorded their debut single, "Can't Be Sure," in 1989. The track became an Independent charts #1 and was listed at #1 in influential DJ John Peel's Festive Fifty of that year. An American deal with DGC Records came next, and in early 1990 the band released their first album, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The rest of the year was spent touring worldwide. Meanwhile, the album went gold on both sides of the Atlantic.

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