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Velvet Chain

Purchase the Velvet Chain Buffy EP
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On the Buffy soundtrack Velvet Chain plays 'Strong.' Listen to it Strong
Velvet Chain is a great band who's instruments consist of vocals, bass, gyutar, keyboards, guitars and percussion.

The lead singer is Erika Amato. She is also an actress and musician.

Jeff Stacy is a composer, lyricist, musician, remix artist, and producer. He writes most of the band's music and almost all of the lyrics.

David Fraga plays the keyboard and samples.

Brett Chassen is the drummer.

Brian Reardon is the guitarist.

Mark Murray is Velvet Chain's DJ

Arif (sorry Arif, I can't remember your last name!) is the Velvet Chain's other guitarist.

Velvet Chain is based in Los Anfeles. They have played over 150 shows there, and have also toured America.

Velvet Chain appears on a few compilation albums, including the Buffy the Vampire Slayer sountrack with their hit track 'Strong.' They currently have three albums out at the moment.They are the Buffy Ep, Warm and their new album, Moody Groove Music.

Unfortunately their music isn't available in stores in Australia but their music is available to purchase from the official Velvet Chain website, in American dollers. If you cannot purchase online using credit card you can send them an international money order or whatever, but they are quite expensive from Australia. If you are like me, you will have to survive by listening to music samples from their official site.

Pictures complements of www.velvetchain.com