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Many weapons of all shapes and sizes have appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer over the years. Some of which include:

The Stake
It is used typically to 'dust' vampires. They are typically made of wood. They can be specially carbed for the purpose or pretty much anything you can find, like a pencil or broom stick.

The Crossbow
The crossbow is much quicker than the stake, but has the same 'dusting' effect. It has to be handled carefully and skillfully, or the result may be a hazard.

Holy Water
Holy water is typically blessed by a priest. It is usually used to burn and frighten vampires. It has been used to kill them on occasions by burning them to death. Luckily, holy water is safe for humans and the natural environment.

Crosses are used to scare off vampires. They have a smilar effect to holy water when it comes in contact with the skin of a vampire; it burns them.

Swords can be used to slay vampires, by cutting their heads off. They also come in handy for other beasties and demons who need slaying.