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2001 James Marsters Convention

The following are photos I took at the 2001 James Marsters Convention, hosted by FSF on
May the 19th and 20th in Sydney, Australia. Most of them are of very poor quality, either because I can't hold a camera still or my computer did a very strange job of compressing them to JPG's, but it's better than no photos at all :)

Close-up of the previous picture

Smile! Close-up of the previous photo

James Marsters shaking my hand during the autograph session

James signing the guitar he played (on the screen - someone was in my way of the real him),
 which was then auctioned for $800. The money went to Ronald McDonald House.

James playing the guitar

This is just a small example of the amazing decoration that one of the guys from FSF did especially for the convention, for free! The headstones were all different, and had things written on them like:

"Here lies



Great stuff!

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