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Books Infortmation

 Here are all the current available titles of Buffy books in Australian dollers. They are available at your nearest bookstore or department store such as Big W. Typical retail prices... some marked with a * are including GST.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie tie-in)
The Harvest
Halloween Rain
Coyote Moon
Night of the Living Rerun
Unnatural Selection
The Power of Persuasion
Deep Water
Here Be Monsters
Ghoul Trouble
Doomsday Deck
Sweet Sixteen
The Angel Chronicles Volume 1
The Angel Chronicles Volume 2
The Angel Chronicles Volume 3
The Xander Years Volume 1
The Xander Years Volume 2
The Willow Files Volume 1
The Willow Files Volume 2
How I Survived My Summer Vacation Volume 1
The Faith Trials Volume 1
Tales Of The Slayer Volume 1
The Journals of Rupert Giles Volume 1
The Lost Slayer serial novel
   -Part 1: Prophecies
   - Part 2: Dark Times
   - Part 3: King of the Dead
   - Part 4: Original Sins

Child of the Hunt
Return to Chaos
The Gatekeeper Trilogy
   - Book 1: Out of the Madhouse
   - Book 2: Ghost Roads
   - Book 3: Sons of Entropy
Obsidian Fate
Sins of the Father
Resurrecting Ravana
Prime Evil
The Evil That Men Do
Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All In A Row
The Book of Fours
The Unseen Trilogy (Buffy/Angel)
   - Book 1: The Burning
   - Book 2: Door to Alterinity
   - Book 3: Long Way Home
Tempted Champions
Oz: Into the Wild

Angel books:

 There is a range of both Buffy and Angel comic books available in your bookstore, for around *$16.50. They include:
*Remaining Sunlight $16.37
*Bad Blood $16.50
*Uninvited Guests $16.42
(Why the prices vary I don't know. I got the prices from a Dymoks books catalogue. However, purchasing them online through my site they are $13.91 each.)

Other official books:
The Watchers Guide $24.95
The Sunnydale High Yearbook $19.95
The Postcards $14.95
*Pop Quiz Book $9.83
*The Monster Guide $29.95 (but $19.95 in Big W)
*Supernatural Defense Kit $50
*The Watchers Guide Volume 2 $29.95
*The Script Book Season 1 Volume 1 $29.95
*The Script Book Season 1 Volume 2 $29.95
*The Script Book Season 2 Volume 1 $29.95
*The Script Book Season 2 Volume 2 $29.95

Upcoming Novels

The Album
There is an official CD soundtrack out now, called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer the album.' Its my favourite CD and includes songs from Hepburn, Nerf Herder, Four Star Mary, The Sundays and heaps of other really cool bands. It is available at all good CD shops and department stores for around $29.95 but in Target it is $24.95 but in Big W it is something like $21.53 so its worth ruining your pride and going there to buy it! Click Here for samples of the tracks or Click Here to purchase it online

Other Useful and Interesting Info
If you or your parents have NRMA memberships you can get 10% off the marked price of all books at Angus & Robertson Bookworlds unless there is already a sale on. Well worth using!

If you shop at Dymoks bookstores and don't have a Reader's Card, it is a good idea to get one because for each book you buy, they record the price of it in your card. When you have bought 10 books they add up all the prices on your card, devide it by 10 and then give you that much in creadit for more books! Basically, for every 10 books you buy, you get the average price of those books back to spebd on more books.

There is also an Official UK Buffy magazine available monthly from newsagents. It was $6.95 unti June which is now around $7.95, a major rip off! Personally, I don't think its worth the money when you can get a book for nearly the same price. But then again, it is Buffy... At your local comic shop you should be able to get the Official US Buffy magazine for around $15.

Big W is now stocking Buffy the Vampire Slayer books for a low price of around $7, as compared with $13 in the book stores... Although their prices are cheap, their range is not usually as good.

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